Hızlı Bağlantılar


PxSteb is an automatic electrode designing program that supports a direct interface on 3D CAD
program (UG). It contains functions such as electrode extraction and modeling editing & management
and enables an easier and faster electrode design.

Modeling analysis and management

  • Automatic flat face search
  • Automatic under cut search
  • Automatic minimal radius search
  • Blueprint & data import and export
  • Measurement of modeling size and angle
  • Synchronization with power mill

Electrode modeling and editing

  • After creating it by clicking Create Box,
  • Create electrode by clicking Trim/Subtract
  • Automatic text imprinting (convenient when inputting shift value on setting grade)
  • Automatic reinforcement of rib (reinforcement cylinder, grade angle setting available)
  • Shift/symmetry/multiple duplication
  • Automatic setting step formation
  • Layer and category management

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